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State Of New Jersey FORM AA-202 Department of Labor Workforce Development Construction EEO Compliance Monitoring Program REVISED 11/11 MONTHLY PROJECT WORKFORCE REPORT - CONSTRUCTION For instructions on completing the form go to 3. F ID or SS Number http //www. state. nj. us/treasury/contractcompliance/pdf/aa202ins. pdf 2. Contractor ID Number 1. Name and address of Prime Contractor 4. Reporting Period NAME 5. Public Agency Awarding Contract ADDRESS 6. Name and Location of Project CITY STATE...
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Hey what's up guys Jays two cents and guess what via long waited fractal design node 202 is finally available now considering the fact that this is not exactly the easiest case to build in that would be a good idea to go ahead and do a build guide for building inside the fractal node 202 I mean what do you do when the case you're going to build in is roughly the same size of an e ATX motherboard as you can see it is going to be a little bit of a challenge so hopefully this video will make it just a little bit easier to fit all this junk inside that tiny space okay so you got a lot of components here to fit into a pretty small space so there's some things you got to keep in mind when you build in small form-factor obviously the node 202 is a mini ITX motherboard compatibility so mini ITX motherboards they're a little bit interesting in that all of them pretty much are going to have very different arrangements whereas like standard ATX motherboards typically you've got the 24 pin on the same spot all the PCI Express slots are going to be in the same position all the fan headers are pretty much the same an ITX motherboards they all are going to be very different based on the manufacturer so you're going to want to keep that in mind with the way that things get installed in this case we'll go over that today there's a lot of pre-planning that's involved but mini ITX motherboard specifically in this case four components we are going with the EVGA z97 stinger with a 4790k installed yet probably is a bit of a high end in terms of hardware that we can put in here but then again that's kind of the way we do things around here the most important part though probably is going to be keeping in mind the cooler selection now obviously this is a stock intel cooler and in fact this is off of an i3 so it's even a little bit smaller than the one that would come with the 4790k so overclocking is completely out of the question with this cooler now there are other aftermarket coolers that you can fit in this case it's got to be anything up to 56 millimeters obviously keep it under that so you have a little bit of headroom a lot of the coolers on the market though are taller than that should be very very cognizant of the size of the cooler you're putting on here not - it makes a cooler that fits Coolermaster makes a few coolers that fit but you definitely are going to want to keep that in mind there's not a lot of clearance on the top of the cooler for memory here we've got 16 gigabytes of Corsair Vengeance ddr3 1866 dims again nothing too crazy and then for a graphics card I'm going with a and this is a this is also going to be another part that you want to be cognizant of of part selection is the type of blower or cooler that is on your card this is a 970 SSC here from EVGA it is a it is an atmospheric style card where the heat is going to be put into the case and the cases jobs to remove that heat typically I would suggest a blower style cooler that's something...